Maybe you are a business thinking that you should have a presence on the web.  Maybe you have been resisting using the web but now feel that too many people use web and email to find products, contacts and information.  Maybe you want to share your hobby and get in touch with others.  Whatever the reason for thinking of a website, chances are yes you need one.

Here are a few thoughts about what you need to think about and what you need to avoid

I have a friend who can make one…

Most people nowadays know someone who is 'good with computers' but if you are thinking of asking them to create a website for you then think again.  Your website is an online representation of your business.  Even if your friend or employee has the software tools and experience to create the pages for a website, do they really have the skills to present your business to your most important clients?  Will they be available to maintain and update your site?  I will produce a professional looking website and working with you will create a website which meets your needs.  Most website visitors judge a business in the first few seconds and in those few seconds decide they will make the decision to call/email or move on.  Make sure your site makes the right impression. 

I had a site created x years ago…

Information on the web must be kept up-to-date or the business will look unprofessional or worse still, it will look like a gravestone site and the visitor will look elsewhere.  As I said, the first few seconds really do count.  Too many web design companies create websites and then leave the client with no way of maintaining the site or updating it without paying vast maintenance contracts.  I will create a site based on WordPress and can then manage the site or give a simple how-to sheet for you to manage and update the site yourself.

Design is two-sided…

Website design is best done in partnership with the client.  You are best placed to know who you want to attract to the site and what you image want to present.  I will question and suggest etc but to start with

  • who is your site aimed at?
  • what information do you want to present?
  • do you have your own text and images?
  • do you already have company branding?
  • do you have a website or company email setup already?